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A wonderful material

Wood is unique and versatile, but its organic nature makes it susceptible to change. It ages and changes because it absorbs and releases moisture. Thermal modification lets us tame the nature of wood, making it a more reliable partner.


Using new technologies

During the thermal modification process, hardwood is subjected to heat for a period of 50 to 90 hours, temporarily reaching temperatures in excess of 200 °C. This changes the wood’s cell structure, which signifi­cantly reduces water absorption and with it the wood’s equilibrium moisture content. Wood shrinking and swelling rates drop by up to 70 %. Bacteria and fungi responsible for wood decay lose their main food
source because the modification process breaks down hemicelluloses (short-chained sugars). Thermally modifying wood markedly increases its dur­ability and dimensional stability. Exotic new colours add special appeal without the need for chemical pro­cedures or additives – all you need is heat.


An ecological approach to innovation

We operate four kilns with different capacities. They use heat procedures and do not require additives. Thermal sensors attached to the timber closely monitor the entire process. As in everything we do, we show our strong commitment to sustainability. A biomass heating plant generates the necessary heat for the thermal modification kilns. It runs on materials sourced exclusively from our own operations (such as waste timber or bark).


Impressive results

The thermal modification process is completely natural and reaches even the inner layers of the wood. The resulting flexibility and stability make the wood suitable for new areas of use. Thanks to its significantly reduced swelling and shrinking, thermally modified timber is the ideal construction material for regions with fluctuating levels of humidity. Strong traits that make for many uses
› Furniture, floors, wall and ceiling cladding
› Windows, façades, decking


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